Paul & Ringo Starr at Grammys 2014


56th annual Grammy Awards,
Ringo Starr performed
the song “Photograph.”

Paul McCartney win Best Rock Song, performs with Ringo Starr.


Sir Paul McCartney and
Ringo Starr, the two surviving
members of the Beatles,
performed together onstage at
the 56th annualGrammyAwards
on Sunaday at Staples Center
in Los Angeles.

The crowd took a trip back to
the ’60s when Beatles drummer
Ringo Starr took the stage and
a series of Beatles-era photos
flashed on the screens behind him.
Starr sang “Photograph,”bringing
the crowd to its feet in a standing

Paul McCartney, atteso nel corso
della serata come performer
insieme al suo compagno nei
Beatles Ringo Starr, ha visto
il suo “Live kisses” conquistare
la palma come Best Music Film.

But the night’s Beatlemania was
just getting started.

Paul McCartney and Starr took the
stage together to perform a song
from McCartney’s latest album
“New,” making it their first
performance together since 2009.

Julia Roberts announced their
performance before McCartney
appeared on stage, playing a
colorful piano from the “Magical
Mystery Tour” era, as Starr rocked
out on the drums.

Earlier in the show, McCartney
was joined on stage by Dave Grohl,
Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear to
accept their award for Best Rock
Song for a track he had written with
the former Nirvana band members,
“Cut Me Some Slack.”

The 56th annual Grammy Awards
found a way to mix old and new
musical acts by paying tribute to
classic rockers while featuring a
string of sexy performances from
today’s superstars.

Some of modern music’s biggest
winners at the awards show were
Lorde, who won Song of the Year,
and Daft Punk, who won Album
of the Year. Still, the big stars
of the night were The Beatles.


▶️ Ringo Starr Tribute

▶️ Paul Macca Tribute

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