Latest Beatles News – 2016

DVD Bonus Clip: Paul and Ringo recall standing up to George Martin 

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr recall a pivotal moment in Beatles history when the group insisted upon writing and recording their own songs instead of the song “How Do You Do It” that George Martin suggested, in a bonus clip from the deluxe edition of Ron Howard’s documentary, Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years. 

🔘 Video Source: Rolling Stone

Beatles Documentary Eight Days a Week on DVD

Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary – that opened in theaters on September 16, streams on Hulu and is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. If you were too young when it happened, or not yet in existence, you’ll come away understanding why we boomers all acted the way we did. You can’t watch this film and not.

🔘 Source:

New Book: Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out With The Beatles 

The new book Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out With The Beatles dives into the details, backstage, culture of the 60’s and anecdotes surrounding the Beatles’ last publicity photoshoot. The book retraces the locations that made the backdrop of the Mad Day photoshoot and depicts the playful and unexpected characters of each member of the band.

🔘 Source: Broadway World​

Video: Ringo Starr on his first Ludwig drum kit  

Ringo Starr is synonymous with the drum brand Ludwig, and hearing him recount his first Ludwig is equal parts heartwarming and funny. Starr told the story to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the video now streaming on the internet, and talks about how as a young kid from Liverpool, he loved anything American.

🔘 Source: BeatlesPlanet ®

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